10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Olympics

On August 8, 2012 by tecmark

olympic village london 2012

The Olympics are well underway in London with Team GB currently exceeding all expectations and sitting comfortably 3rd in the medals table. But you know all that already. You’ve seen the news! So let us tell you something new instead. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the London Olympics.

1. LOCOG Handed out 150,000 Condoms to Athletes

London’s organising committee handed out 150,000 condoms in total to the 10,000+ athletes staying in the athlete’s village. This is not the first Olympics at which condoms have been handed out. In fact, this has been happening for years, the idea being to raise awareness of AIDS and other STDs. And let’s face it, 10,000+ people celebrating victories potentially under the influence of adrenalin and alcohol, condoms probably aren’t the worst idea in the world!

2. The Astronomical Cost of the Stadium

The Olympic Stadium cost a whopping £537 million! Put in NASA related terms (because, well, why wouldn’t we?) you could have sent a man to the moon 11 times for the cost of building the stadium. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor.

3. Bizarre Bets

Prior to the start of the games, betting shop, Ladbrokes, was accepting bets on the Loch Ness Monster being seen in the River Thames during the games. It was offering odds on such an event of 2012 – 1! Seems a bit stingy, really…

4. Mega McDonalds!

McDonalds has a number of restaurants around Olympic venues (cashing in on its whopping sponsorship). But one of them is actually its biggest restaurant in the world! It has 500 members of staff working in it. That’s 1 member of staff for every 3 of the 1,500 customers that massive McMegaDonalds can seat!

5. The Olympics of Equality!

The 2012 games is the first ever Olympiad in which every country has also entered female competitors! It’s hard to believe, isn’t it?

6. The Torch Relay

95% of the UK’s population live within 10 miles of one of the torch relay points. The idea was to make it easy for everyone to get out and see the torch. Did you catch it?

7. The Olympic Contribution to Charity

Much of the sports equipment used during the Olympics will be donated to charity afterwards!

8. Mega Construction Job

The construction of the Olympic Park involved more than 5,250 construction workers! Work started in May 2008.

9. Olympic Employment

As well as the boost to jobs outside of the Olympic Park venues, the park itself needed 12,000 employees!

10. Greenest Olmypics to Date

As well as being the first Olympics where the carbon footprint will be measured from end to end, the London games has also taken measures to reduced the environmental impact of the event. Attendees are arriving at events on public transport, rather than car, there are huge post-event recycling plans in place and half a million new trees are to be planted.