17 Year Old Boy Wins $50,000 for Speedy Texting

On August 9, 2012 by tecmark
17 year old boy wins speed texting competition

No wonder he looks happy. He’s just bagged $50k for sending a text.

In a middle fingered salute to all teachers who’ve promised teenage students they’ll get nothing in life if they sit texting in lessons, a 17 year old boy in the USA walked bagged $50,000 for his speed texting skills this week.

Austin Weirschke fended off competition from ten other demonically fast texters to get his hands on the prize – the second time he’s won the prize in two years.

The (somewhat pointless?) event was held in New York on Wednesday and involved blindfolded competitors racing to type the first verse of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” on a mobile within 45 seconds, amongst other challenges requiring exquisitely nimble thumbs. Competitors used phones by sponsor, LG and were cheered on by surprisingly enthusiastic teenage text addicts.

Winner, Weirschke, told the press his Mum had helped train him – isn’t that sweet?

Well, there are worse ways to earn your money I suppose…