Banksy Balloon Girl T Shirt

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark

banksy balloon girl t shirt

get it from shot dead in the head


Banksy’s ‘Balloon Girl’

An iconic piece of art now available to wear! This Banksy Balloon Girl t shirt bears the infamous design that sold for over £37,000 in an auction in 2007! Don’t worry – this tee won’t set you back that much. It’s available for just £17.99. A bargain, no?

Who’s it for?

Pretty much anybody. People who don’t like Banksy are assholes (probably).

Not suitable for any of the aforementioned assholes 😉


Sizes, Styles and Colours

This Banksy Balloon Girl t shirt is available in men’s and women’s styles from size small through to XL for women and XXL for men. Get it in black, white or sky blue.

What Do You Think?

Love it? Hate it? Got a crush on Banksy? Let us know what you think of the man himself and the tee. Get your comment on below.