Banksy Panda With Guns T Shirt

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark

banksy panda with guns

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This awesome Panda with Guns design boasts some typically Banksy traits! So it’s not surprise that when it first surfaced on the streets of Paris that it was attributed to England’s favourite guerrilla artist. But it actually turned out this piece was by Julien Fanton D’Andon! Nonetheless, people mistakenly attribute this work to Banksy even today.

Whoever did it, the design is iconic and the most badass panda on the planet adorns websites, t shirts, iPhone covers, bedroom walls and even bedding all over the world.

Recommended For

Anyone with an appreciation of an instantly recognisable piece of art.

Not recommended for die hard Banksy fans whose hearts we’ve just broken by telling them Julien Fanton D’Andon did it.

Sizes, Styles and Colours

Available in 7 styles (including v-neck, men’s round neck, women’s t shirt, kid’s t shirt, hoodie, long sleeved tee and vest) and more than a dozen colours.


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