I Would Give Up Smoking But I’m Not A Quitter T-Shirt

    In some ways, it is nice that so many people...

17th Oct

I’m So Happy I Could Shit Myself T-Shirt

  So you’ve just got that promotion you’ve been after for so...

17th Oct

Yes, I Am A Pocket Of F**king Sunshine T-Shirt

  Why do people have to force their incessant cheeriness down you...

17th Oct

AK-47 When You Absolutely Positively Got To Kill Every Motherf**ker In The Room T-Shirt

  AK-47, when you absolutely, positively gotta kill every motherfucker in the...

17th Oct

I Like Beer T Shirt

I like beer. You like beer. We all like beer (well, most...

07th Sep
i like beer t shirt

Never say no to Panda T shirt – £17.99

Never say no to Panda! That slogan comes from a series of...

08th Aug
never say no to panda t shirt

Jack Bauer Wouldn’t Stand for this Shit T Shirt

  Inspired by TV sensation ’24,’ and Kiefer Sutherlands inspiring performance as...

07th Aug
Jack Bauer T Shirt

Super Slogan T Shirts

Witty one lines, advertising slogans, witty words and jingle lyrics – that’s what you’ll find in this collection of slogan t shirts.

We’ve winged our way across the web to find the wittiest words, the catchiest one liners, most memorable and clever slogans that the t shirt world has to offer and we have collated them right here.

So pay homage to bad jingles, to terrible jokes, to the overpaid advertising industry one liner writers and to the wordy folk who make plain t shirts infinitely cooler with this awesome range of slogan tees.