Buttery Biscuit Base T Shirt

On August 18, 2012 by tecmark

buttery biscuit base t shirt

get it from chargrilled

Masterchef fans will be familiar with Gregg Wallace and his wonderful one liners. One fan in particular was so blown away by Wallace’s epic food descriptions that he created one of the funniest Youtube mashups ever to grace the internet. The video, known as ‘Buttery Biscuit Base,’ has had over 5 million views!

If you love Gregg Wallace, love Masterchef and have laughed until you cried at the video, here’s the t shirt for you.

Buttery Biscuit Base T Shirt

This t shirt is available from the witty guys at Chargrilled in over a dozen different colours and men’s and women’s styles. Perfect for Masterchef lovers, Gregg Wallace fanatics… or even people who just genuinely enjoy a buttery biscuit base.

In case you’ve been locked in a cupboard for the last decade, here’s the video that inspired this awesome, awesome t shirt.