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On August 12, 2012 by tecmark

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Homer Simpson – Fat and Happy Men’s T Shirt!

Homer Simpson likes beer and doughnuts in quantities that could leave Duff and Krispy Kreme struggling to satisfy his appetite. So it’s no wonder he’s wearing a few extra pounds around the waist. Think he cares though? Does he Hell!

Homer Simpson is podgy and proud, he’s heavy and happy, he’s chubby and cheery!

This t shirt is for those of you who are unashamed of your Simpsons obsession, for those of you who idolise Homer Simpson and aspire to be everything he is (except yellow and fictional maybe). Doughtnut munchers and beer drinkers alike, you need this in your life.

Sizes and Colours

This is a men’s t shirt (classic cut) and is 100% cotton. It’s available in twenty colours (including red, royal blue, black, white, grey, light blue, green and yellow).

Sizes start at small and go up to XXL.


Whaddya Think?

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