I Like Beer T Shirt

On September 7, 2012 by tecmark

i like beer t shirt

get it from chargrilled

I like beer. You like beer. We all like beer (well, most of us do and the ones who don’t like beer don’t exist to me). So tell the world, in a fashion that also allows you to demonstrate your love of Facebook, intense geekery and utter randomness.

Yes, it takes a special kind of person to want to wear a t shirt depicting an eye, a Facebook thumbs up and a glass of beer. But nonetheless, we like it.

I Like Beer T Shirt

This t shirt is available from Chargrilled in more than a dozen colours. If you’re not feeling short sleeves, get it long sleeved or even as a hoodie. There’s a women’s version available too. We’re particularly fans of the black version with glow in the dark writing. Yep, we’re geeks.