I’m Only Here for the Free WiFi T Shirt

On August 10, 2012 by tecmark

get it from chargrilled

If you’ve sat in Starbucks all day with a single espresso just cos you’ve not had wifi back at home, then this is for you! If you’ve hidden away in a corner in Maccy D’s with nothing more than a milkshake just so you can check your Facebook, then this is for you!

We salute you, free Wifi hoggers! And we present you with 2 options:

  • Get yourself a mobile data plan so you don’t need wifi hotspots!
  • Or… scrap that. Get this t shirt and wear it with pride as you continue to leech free wifi in the establishments of your city.
Be proud, free wifi fans. Be very proud indeed.

I’m Only Here for the Free WiFi T Shirt

This t shirt is another epic from the funny folks at Chargrilled. You can get it in several styles, including men’s, women’s, kid’s, long sleeved and as a hoodie. And, as with most of their tees, it’s available in over a dozen colours.

Go there. Get it. Wear it with pride in Starbucks tomorrow.