Jack Bauer Could Get off the Lost Island in 24 Hours T Shirt – £16.95

On August 9, 2012 by tecmark

jack bauer lost t shirt

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Jack Bauer could have got off the Lost Island in 24 hours! In fact, he could have got everyone else off in that timeframe too and that would have saved us six seasons of button pressing and polar bears on tropical islands, wouldn’t it?

If you’ve seen 24 and you’ve seen Lost too, you’ll know that terrorism-fighting-world-saving-torture-advocate Jack Bauer could have had the whole thing tied up in a single episode of Lost! If you feel as though you wasted 6 years of your life to find out they were all in some weird afterlife thingie and still feel a little bit confused by the whole thing, you’ll agree with us when we say that Jack Bauer should have been in there from the start!

Awesome t shirt for Jack Bauer fans, 24 fanatics and anyone feels as though the creators of Lost stole 6 years of their lives from them.

Get it from Chargrilled

As fans of 24 and victims of Lost, we love this tee by Chargrilled. It’s available in men’s and women’s styles and as a hoodie. Sizes run from small right through to XXL and there over a dozen different colours. Now that’s variety for you! Head on over there and get yours!