Jack Bauer Wouldn’t Stand for this Shit T Shirt

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark


Jack Bauer T Shirt

get it from shot dead in the head

Inspired by TV sensation ’24,’ and Kiefer Sutherlands inspiring performance as Jack Bauer, this t shirt says it all: Jack Bauer wouldn’t stand for this shit.

  • Wear it to work! (We accept no responsibility for disciplinary action).
  • Wear it to dinner with your Mother in Law! (We accept no responsibility for the wrath of your in laws).
  • Wear it everywhere! (Please wash it though, nobody likes body odour).


Recommended For

This Jack Bauer t shirt is recommended for you. Cos you don’t take any crap!

It’s not recommended for anyone who’s been stuck in a cupboard for the last decade and who missed 24. They’d just think it was weird.

Sizes, Styles and Colours

Available in men’s and women’s t shirt styles in black, navy blue and grey. Sizes start at small and go up to XL for women and XXL for men.


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