Lady Gaga Poses Nude with Boyfriend

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark

lady gaga taylor kinney nude

Lady Gaga has hit the headlines again today. No, she didn’t dress as an unborn child, a giant turnip, a beheaded war hostage or anything like that. Nope… quite disappointingly, all she actually did was pose nude with boyfriend, Taylor Kinney.

Now, given Gaga’s bizarre history of outfits (including a dress made entirely of raw meat, a ‘solar system gown’ and a disco ball) it seems bizarre that when she gets her kit off the Sun newspaper thinks it will be ‘shocking’ to fans.

the sun lady gaga

Nudity more shocking than sticking animal carcasses to your body and heading out to the MTV awards?

I don’t think so…

She’d have to something pretty spectacular to shock anyone after that, surely?