Let’s Skip the Chit Chat and Have Sex T Shirt

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark

let's skip the chit chat and have sex t shirt

get it from chargrilled

Forget chat up lines, buying drinks, wining, dining, romancing and slow dancing. That’s not what you’re on the pull for on a Saturday night. You don’t want small talk. You just want to get her into bed. We know it and you know it. So let her know it too.

Plaster this across your chest on a Saturday night and save yourself chit chatting with time wasters.

Sizes, Styles and Colours

Available from Chargrilled in over a dozen colours, with sizes ranging from small to XXL.

You can get this in several men’s styles: round neck, v neck, long sleeved and hoodie. It’s also available in women’s styles as well. It’s not just the blokes!