Meat is Murder T Shirt

On August 10, 2012 by tecmark

meat is murder t shirt

get it from shot dead in the head

Meat is murder…. tasty, tasty murder! The Smiths would have you believe that your burger is murder! Morrissey would make you feel like Satan himself for that chicken leg you just had.

In fact, Morrissey has even walked off stage because he could smell meat! He drew a comparison between the Norwegian massacre and animals being slaughtered for consumption in fast food outlets. We say enough is enough. Stop with this anti-carnivorous insanity! It doesn’t count as murder when it tastes so damn good! And that’s a fact.

So, Morrissey, chill out, grab a McDonald’s and stop stressing, son! If you have no appreciation of meat, then you’ve clearly never been a barbecue, have you?!

We love the Smiths and we’ve got a soft spot for Morrissey. But we love our steaks more.

Meat is Murder T Shirt

This is a classic from Shot Dead in the Head, available in blue, green and white. They’re selling this in men’s and women’s styles. So go order it, then treat yourself to a celebratory hot dog.