My Other Ride is Your Grandma T Shirt

On August 9, 2012 by tecmark

my other ride is your gran t shirt

get it from chargrilled


Implying that you slept with your mate’s Mum is so last year. It’s all about bedding his granny now and this t shirt lets you tell the world loudly and proudly that you’re riding your way through the geriatric ward.

Immature? Damn right. But your Grandma doesn’t mind.

Sizes, Colours and Styles

You can get your mitts on this ‘my other ride is your Grandma’ t shirt from Chargrilled. It’s available in over a dozen colours and sizes range from small to XX large.

Bizarrely enough, as well as the men’s styles, this tee is actually available in women’s styles. Would be a bit weird if your Mum started wearing it, though.