Never say no to Panda T shirt – £17.99

On August 8, 2012 by tecmark

never say no to panda t shirt

get it from shot dead in the head

Never say no to Panda! That slogan comes from a series of TV ads produced in Egypt to advertise Panda Cheese. Featuring the Panda Cheese Panda, they showed this oversized creature inflicting all sorts of mean and hideous things upon people who refuse the cheese. The ads were absolutely hilarious!

Don’t take my word for it:

If you re a fan of the ad, want to pay tribute to great advertising in general or maybe you just like Pandas, then this is the t shirt for you.

Never Say No to Panda T Shirt

Sizes: Small to XL
Style: Available in men’s round neck style only
Colour: White
Price: £17.99