Old School Geek T Shirt

On August 9, 2012 by tecmark

old school geek t shirt

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Old school geeks unite to pay homage to the humble 3.5 inch floppy disk! 1.44mb of sheer brilliance. Kids these days with their 64gb USB drives don’t know how lucky they are.

Admit it, you’ve still got floppy disks with old school and college assignments on. And you’ve even kept an antique computer or an external floppy disk drive just so you can use them from time to time, haven’t you?

No? Is that just me, then? Never mind. Let’s just forget we had this conversation and move on.

Old School Geek T Shirt from Chargrilled

This old school geek t shirt is available in several men’s styles, a women’s style and even hoodie. You can get it on over a dozen colours as well. Go check it out.

Perfect for retro geeks and old school data storage fanatics (whatever one of those might be).