Spider Pig T Shirt

On August 7, 2012 by tecmark


spider pig t shirt

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This is not just any upside down pig walking on a ceiling. Oh no. This is SPIDER PIG!

This Spider Pig t shirt was inspired by the Simpsons. More to the point, it was inspired by arguably the single greatest lyrical achievement in film music to date – the Spider Pig song:

“Spider Pig, Spider Pig. Does whatever a Spider Pig does…”

 Wear it. It will make you infinitely more awesome.*

*Not entirely true.


Spider Pig T Shirt Sizes, Styles and Colours

T shirt available in men’s, women’s kid’s v-neck and hoodie style and in a variety of colours including black, grey, white, navy, red, pink and brown!


Who’s it For?

Simpson’s fanatics, lovers of weird songs and those who like upside down farmyard animals on their t shirts.


Got the Tee? Want the Tee?

We obviously love the Spider Pig t shirt, but we want to know what you think? Whether you’ve just stumbled across this or you’ve already been there and bought the t shirt, let us know what you think.