Strictly Come Dancing Inspired Parody T Shirt

On September 10, 2012 by tecmark

strictly come dancing parody t shirtget it from shot dead in the head

We laughed so hard we spat our coffee out when first this Strictly Come Dancing inspired parody t shirt. Emblazoned with that familiar logo and the words ‘Strictly C**nts Dancing,’ this is the t shirt for people who don’t just dislike the show, but who absolutely hate it with a passion and whose flat mates, wives, husbands, children or parents force it upon them every Saturday night for the best part of 4 months a year.

We feel your pain.

Strictly Come Dancing Parody T Shirt

You can get this t shirt from the rather funny folks over at Shot Dead in the Head. It’s available in navy blue, red and black as both a men’s and women’s t shirt. Wear it down the pub… or failing your escape to the pub, wear it front of the telly watching Strictly on a Saturday. It will complement your scowl just perfectly.