Knock, Knock, Knock, Penny T Shirt – £16.95

Inspired by Big Bang Theory, this epic t shirt pays tribute to...

09th Aug
knock knock knock penny big bang theory

Adrenaline Molecule T Shirt – Bing Bang Theory – £16.95

Inspired by the t shirt worn by Big Bang Theory’s Leonard, this tee shows...

08th Aug
adrenaline molecule t shirt big bang theory

Inspired by Big Bang Theory – Lizard Spock T Shirt

  Lizard, Spock! This inspired by Big Bang Theory t shirt illustrates...

07th Aug
Big Bang Theory Inspired T Shirt - Lizard Spock

Big Bang Theory T Shirts

Get your nerdy hands on the greatest Big Bang Theory t shirts the planet has to offer. So awesomely geeky are these tees, that Sheldon himself would wear them loudly and proudly.

Big Bang Theory , for any of you who’ve been hidden in a cupboard for years and have managed to miss it, is an American sitcom about a couple of absolutely brilliant Physicists with the combined social skills of a web dishcloth. The show, now entering an impressive sixth season has won over a dozen awards, most recently 4 CBS Fan Awards (Best Meltdown Moment, Best Catchphrase, Best ROTFL Moment and Best Dramatic Pause). The show has even attracted attention from some of the most renowned scientists in the world, with George Smoot, Brian Green and even Stephen Hawking making guest appearances at various points.

In summary, Big Bang Theory is freakin’ awesome and you need the t shirts in your life. Like now.

We’ve checked out loads of t shirt designers to bring back only the most awesome Big Bang Theory and Big Bang Theory inspired t shirts and we challenge you to find one you don’t like! Better still,if you think we’ve missed some awesome ones out there, get in touch with us and let us know.

Big Bang Theory fanatics, Sheldon groupies and nerds of the world, enjoy this epic collection of nerd-wear.