Why Pasties Are Better than Religion T Shirt

On September 18, 2012 by tecmark

why pasties are better than religion t shirt

get it from shot dead in the head

Ah that age old heated debate that crops up in pubs up and down our fair country when we’ve supped a few ales: What’s better – religion or pasties?

Well we can confirm that it’s pasties, people, as this “why pasties are better than religion” t shirt confirms. And just in case you were in any doubt as to how it is that we’ve reached this conclusion, this close up should explain all.

why pasties are better than religion

We¬†love this t shirt. It’s one our favourite from the guys at Shot Dead in the Head and is available in blue, red and black in both men’s and women’s styles.

If it’s written on a t shirt, it’s a fact, surely? Pasties are better than religion, folks. You heard it here first.